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These articles are not meant to be scholarly works, for I am not a scholar. They are the fruit of much reading, listening, and even some prayer. They are intended to stir up interest, discussion, and hopefully the desire to pursue the subjects more closely in the works of scholars. I believe that the subject matter is of utmost importance, because we are in an axial age like that of ancient Greece. Religion is being challenged to attune itself to the greater understanding we now have of history, bible studies of many sorts, the new physics, psychology, cosmology, and sociology. If religion does not coincide with and reinforce our experience of life, it is useless and doomed to die. It is only in life that we can experience God, which is the reason and purpose of religion.

I am certainly open to correction, because papal infallibility has a very narrow scope, and mine has none at all. I would be happy to try to dialogue with anyone who chooses to do so.